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Welcome to KMS' website

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KMS wants to serve Christians. KMS seeks to extend relationships between Christians. KMS aims for a spiritual revival in the Czech Republic.

KMS connects Christians from a number of denominational and non-denominational fellowships. KMS desires to extend cooperation among Christians, coordinate various Christian activities, and participate in the spiritual revival in the Czech Republic. KMS directly supports the spreading of the Gospel in the Czech Republic by organizing activities such as public preaching, seminars, conferences, and various workshops. Although KMS supports the Christian mission abroad through its Mission Endowment Fund, it believes that the mission is primarily the task and responsibility of the local churches. KMS associates Christians who honour the Bible as the word of God and chose to practise it in their lives.

In particular, KMS

  • coordinates the March for Jesus, the national Christian Conference, and larger crusades,
  • coordinates various prayer projects,
  • issues the Zivot viry (Faith Life) magazine,
  • coordinates a new study translation of the Bible into modern Czech through its Bible Translation Endowment Fund,
  • spreads Christian books, audio and video recordings, and multifarious materials through its Publishing House, and
  • maintains contacts with, and mediates communication among, Christian organizations and churches abroad.

KMS has been registered under its name Christian Mission Society since 1990 and has been a member of the Evangelical Alliance in the Czech Republic since 1993. KMS receives finances through free-will donations.

Hana Pospisilova

Executive Secretary